AWS Services

AWS Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF)
Ibexlabs helps your organization control access to web applications by parsing trac through defined, customizable web security rules. Through AWS WAF, Ibexlabs can automate the creation, deployment, and maintenance of these rules to shield from attacks at application layer. The AWS WAF service is explicitly designed to protect applications that are served by other AWS services like CloudFront from a whole range of online threats to which they are vulnerable.

By deploying tailored web access control lists (web ACLs) alongside a set of AWS WAF rules, Ibexlabs ensures the service actively filters and protects against common web-based attacks 24/7.

Amazon Aurora (MySQL-Compatible Edition)
Profit from the speed and availability of high-end cloud commercial databases through Ibexlabs' Amazon Aurora solution and experience. Amazon Aurora is a MySQL-compatible, fully managed relational database engine with an improved version of query cache. The service allows for the scaling of an Aurora DB instance horizontally by up to 15 read replicas, and with the added benefit of MySQL, another 5 read replicas.

Gain the simplicity and cost-eectiveness of open source databases with MySQL drop-in compatibility. Amazon Aurora also assists with cross-region replication, benefits from AWS' simple pay as you go pricing, and is delivered as a managed service through Ibexlabs.

Amazon CloudFront
Allow Ibexlabs to optimize and speed up your organization's content delivery with the use of AWS CloudFront. The global Content Delivery Network (CDN) is ideal for businesses who need a static website with a considerable amount of content that requires scaling. Content is routed to the user's nearest edge location in AWS' vast worldwide network of data centers for the lowest time delay and best possible performance.

CloudFront uses this multi-tiered approach to accelerate the delivery of any files or content that would typically be uploaded over HTTP(S): static, dynamic, or media streaming. Ibexlabs will also help you exploit the integrated support for on-demand streaming via RTMP, too. Help your users view your organization's static, dynamic, and streaming content anytime, anywhere.

AWS Lambda
Eliminate the issues caused by unused server capacity without sacrificing scalability or responsiveness thanks to AWS Lambda. Through the service, Ibexlabs can provision your organization's resources for programming functions on an 'as needed' basis. All this minus the worry of finding the required Amazon storage or compute resources through the Function-as-a-Service.

As well as supporting multiple languages and libraries, including Python and JavaScript, Lambda also allows Ibexlabs to automate numerous tasks in the AWS environment on your organization's behalf (such as file sharing, building/testing tasks, and scaling, etc.) without having to do any provisioning, IP address or domain name set-up, deployments and clean-up.

Amazon Redshift
Ibexlabs harnesses the power of Amazon Redshift for users to query big data without the hassle of movement or costly imports. Fast and powerful, Redshift is a fully-managed data warehouse solution which can store large amounts of data, is self-indexing, and delivers faster query execution times.

Gain scalable, petabyte data storage in dierent clusters (based onleader and compute nodes) through Ibexlabs use of the column-oriented service. Amazon Redshift also provides massive parallel processing enabling organizations to manage data at scale and get the necessary insights they need to make faster business decisions.

Amazon API Gateway
The Amazon API Gateway solution provides security, monitoring capabilities, and caching to improve the speed of your organization's API calls. With the service, Ibexlabs can write a fully featured REST API without having to worry about maintaining your infrastructure scaling to handle the load, etc. Furthermore, Amazon API Gateway works in conjunction with AWS Lambda (it's a server-less Function-as-a-service solution) to allow a REST interface.

API Gateway delivers an HTTP based facade or proxy. The service acts for your organization as a single point of interaction in front of multiple back-end services, functions or its own static responses.

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